Organic Plaster™ in the Media

Press release

Green Art in Greenpoint! A “Green Artist” moves to Brooklyn.
Jarek Klim's company: ORGANIC PLASTER

Jarek Klim uses recycled botanicals from local gardeners and landscapers to
create on-site wall installations and decorative wall panels,
all are his original artwork.
While working in one of Brooklyn’s most industrial neighborhoods,
Jarek Klim looks to promote sustainable living and a respect for the
environment through his art, in the hopes of inspiring people to live closer to nature.
Jareks does not use VOC sealers or waxes so his creations have zero negative impact on indoor air quality.
Blending twigs, stones, grasses and flowers with pure plaster and natural colors he creates
organic-based artwork and promotes greener living.
Jarek would like to draw people’s attention to the importance of the natural
“ Stop a moment and smell the roses an Organic Plaster wall! ”

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